Mick’s Weekly Surf Report 21/02/20

What a week of waves ! TC Uesi came and went driving a solid 6-8ft swell a direct hit on the points. At times a washing machine with extra bump and then patches of rogue perfection at The Pot. Either side of the swell event Ti tree threw up some thick slabs at around the 4ft mark ripping lines down the point to the bay. It’s been years since a swell has broken out into the middle of the bay with Greggy and James Cervi getting amongst a boiling sea weaving their way down to outside Pot not quite there but close. Gives credence to that whisper from the 80’s that Wayne Gower rode a wave from Ti-Tree to The Pot and on to National Park. Still not buying it but definitely closer to believable!

As the swell settled the banks at Sunshine have really changed with the sand moving around high tide shorey peaks popping up right along the eastern stretch. It’s looking the goods setting up for few choppy sessions that may produce some solid high tide pits if your keen. If your over there get in early today. Winds turn to the ESE over the weekend with another bump in swell swinging in Sunday. However on Saturday, we can expect small runners at Noosa West the bank is holding on the high and 2-3ft point waves on the low tide after lunch. The sand has been scoured out of the points with Ti-Tree a bit deep and that wide bank popping up making for a lot dropping in. National has lost some sand but still has a line wide and could be the pick while running a bit smaller at the 2ft mark on low. The Noosa festival is on so expect a lot of longboard traffic in the water. Sunday is showing a solid 3-4ft swell on the beaches with strong winds and a swell direction change back to the ESE this may disappoint at Noosa with a lot of the swell energy heading north to Double Island Point maybe put DI on the radar for surf trek. The swell and winds hold for Monday, the size might come off a touch there will still be waves reeling in on the outer points. There’s a gradual easing of swell and winds throughout the week. Options will be limited to Noosa West the smaller cleaner option and Sunshine, Sunrise and Castaways for a few beachies winds are light so it will be ruffled but ok.

The Dedication of Noosa as the 10th World Surfing Reserve is on 12pm today at the National Park slip over and join the fun. This kicks into gear the WSL Noosa Longboard Open and the week long Noosa Festival of Surfing a big week for surfing in and around Noosa. Noosa Malibu club members will be busy putting the touches to the competition and entertaining a host of visitors from around the globe.

The Nudie Australian Boardriders Battle is done and dusted with Noosa Boardriders Club picking up 5th place in a field of 60 clubs from around the country. What’s just a good is the North Shore Boardriders Club from Maroochydore slashed into 1st place. Both clubs have enjoyed a close competitive relationship since the 70’s with many friendships developed. The NBC team headed by president Paul Peterson swelled the North Shore Boardriders Club supporters ranks on the beach for the final it was ALL light blue and down to NSBC Alister Reginato’s last wave a few seconds from the buzzer to take the win. Now that’s a win for both clubs and the Sunny Coast, epic stuff!

With the festival in full swing take a bit more care in the water it’s going to be crowded, slightly frustrating. To the visitors in town share the waves around and enjoy our World Surfing Reserve and all it has to offer.

Good Surfing,

Mick Court