What is the Surfer Code

One of the key planks in the Noosa World Surfing Reserve’s stewardship program is its duty of care to all surfers and other beach lovers who use the amenity of the 10th WSR.

This means working with other surf-related, community and educational organizations to ensure that beach goers understand how surf breaks work and how to enjoy them safely and courteously. (And although it’s often overlooked, taking the right attitude into a crowded surf break can often mean the difference between having fun and not.)

How Not To Mal Club

The NWSR has already distributed thousands of leaflets to tourist information centres, surf shops, surfboard hire stores, surf schools and backpacker hostels outlining the simple rules of surf safety and etiquette in what is at times one of Australia’s most crowded surfing locations. Emphasizing our credo, “share, respect, preserve”, our Surf Code leaflets are currently being reprinted in large numbers for summer, and by dedication day next February, we will also have rolled out a series of locally-made video “webisodes”, promoting safe and courteous conduct in the surf across social media channels.

The other major aspect of duty of care to beachgoers is saving lives, an activity at the very core of our first gold sponsorship partner, Noosa Heads Surf Lifesaving Club. More details about this vital partnership next week, but through our surf club liaison officer, Chris Doney, we are working on the feasibility of a collaboration that would teach surfboard riders how to deal with medical emergencies at all those surf breaks beyond the flags. Our lifeguards and volunteer patrols do a fantastic job, but they can’t be everywhere. And as the demographic of local surfers widens every year – baby boomers just won’t give up! – understanding the fundamentals of CPR could make all the difference one morning at Granite or the Rivermouth.

The Noosa World Surfing Reserve’s surfer safety concept is based on Surfer Rescue 24/7, a program recently introduced in NSW as a collaboration between Surfing NSW and the surf lifesaving movement, one of many cross-cultural initiatives instigated down south in recent times, including this week’s inaugural Surf Summit, hosted at Parliament House in Sydney by the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Surfing, a group of 15 MPs who share a dedication to surfing.

It is exactly this kind of interaction between the surfing community and levels of government that the NWSR wants to initiate and foster for everyone’s benefit.

DATE CLAIMER: Friday, November 29 at Land & Sea Brewery – Morning of the Earth/Welcome to Summer fundraiser with film, live music, surfboard raffle and giveaways. Watch this space!


Noosa Mal Club seniors demonstrate the wrong way for our cameras. Courtesy Panga Productions.