Level of Difficulty

Beginner -

Learning to paddle onto and catch waves. Perhaps catching white wash can stand up and ride wave. Still learning to control and turn board. Wave range - 1-2ft

Intermediate -

Able to catch a wave and ride a green wave by oneself. Be able to trim across the open face of the wave. Ability to change direction, turn and direct board around other surfers in the lineup. Can perform the 3 basic turns of surfing; bottom turn, top turn and cutback. Wave range 1-3ft

Advanced -

Have full autonomy in the water, can assess the lineup and always confidently control your own board. Can perform a number of advanced manoeuvres on the wave. Wave Range 1-5ft

Pro/ Elite -

An advanced surfer capable of negotiating heavier more dangerous conditions in waves of consequence. Wave Range 1 - 6ft+