Countdown to Dedication

On February 21, 2020, Noosa will become the 10th World Surfing Reserve, with a dedication ceremony in the National Park and a celebration at the Noosa Festival of Surfing site later in the day, both attended by local surfers and surfing organisations, and representatives of the other nine World Surfing Reserves around the world.

For Noosa’s WSR committee, drawn from a broad range of surfing and community groups, the dedication will be the culmination of five years hard work since the Noosa National Surfing Reserve was dedicated in March 2015, but it will also mark the beginning of a new phase of stewardship to promote greater understanding of the Reserve’s credo – share, preserve, respect. And while the focus of World Surfing Reserves in developing countries is generally on preserving great surf breaks in the face of environmental and development threats, in Noosa, where the great environmental battles have already been fought, our focus will be very much on sharing the waves through mutual respect of the rights of other surfers.

The Noosa World Surfing Reserve was approved by the Vision Council of World Surfing Reserves in California in November 2017, pending the production of a satisfactory stewardship program that would keep Noosa in line with the goals and aspirations of the parent body. The committee took the view that Noosa could do more than that, positioning itself as model for the sustainable future of surfing in a high traffic, world class surf zone.

Through this column, in the weeks and months leading up to the dedication, we aim to explain the importance of the Noosa World Surfing Reserve and its stewardship programs, introduce our supporters and key people, and enlist broad community support. The Noosa News also supported our campaign to become a National Surfing Reserve in 2013-14, so we thank this organization for again providing a platform.

Covering the same footprint as the Noosa National Surfing Reserve, the World Surfing Reserve will stretch from the river mouth to North Sunshine, incorporating almost a dozen world class point and beach breaks. That’s a lot of surf breaks to share, preserve and respect, and we can’t do it without your help.

Dedication Day Group 1


The boundaries of the Noosa World Surfing Reserve.

The committee of the NWSR has changed and expanded over the years, but this was the founding committee that got the ball rolling.