Noosa Shire Surf Code

Foiling Surf Code

The Surf Foiling Community respects the right of every surfer and swimmer to be able to safely enjoy the ocean and embraces the diversity of people and surf craft in our line-up.

We will promote and maintain the safety of those we SHARE the ocean with and ourselves by:

Only foiling in conditions that match our foiling ability.

Always maintaining separation distances between ourselves and others that are appropriate for the conditions and our foiling ability.

Always wear a leg rope when sharing the water with others.

Always avoid surf foiling near swimmers.

Never throwing your board when sharing the water with others and navigating through breaking waves.

We will always promote and act with RESPECT by:

Always taking only enough waves to ensure others can get their share.

Always respecting others when responding to their requests or concerns.

We will PRESERVE the rights of others to enjoy the ocean by:

Always minimising the impact of tow wake on waves when tow foiling by stayingwide of others.

Always complying with the Maritime Safety Queensland Tow-in surfing Code of Conduct.

Holding our fellow surf foilers to account in complying with this code.