Mick’s Surf Report 7 May 2020

Cyclone Gloria Ian Cameron Feb 75What a week for surf, 4ft offshore beach break peaks last weekend through to pumping 3-4ft point break pits this week. Monday a day to remember. So many good waves around sorting out the banks and setting up the next week with a run east swell on the way. Early morning offshore WSW breezes today and over the weekend are predicted. Get in early the wind will swing onshore for the afternoon session. The swell should hold around the 3ft mark with more a easterly drift for an outer point hit. The sand is perfect for an east swell so it won’t take much to line up some fun walls along all points. Winds will vary over the weekend with light WSW to ENE to around 10 knts a few ruffles still ok on opens and points. Granite seems to have a too much water on it low tide should see it line up a few workable walls. Boiling Pot could be the go to with a pile of sand off the tip, while Ti-Tree also has a solid bank forming off Dolphin and should link up over the next week. Noosa west is still holding on the mid to high with the left looking ok. Next week the East swell will run around 2-3ft with a period around the 11 seconds and a morning low tide most of the week. Next week the prevailing ESE onshore will wipe out the open beaches could squeeze in a high tide grovel if your keen. Keep a close eye on the swell it may be bigger than expected and tides timing will make the difference. Crowds have been manageable at Noosa but a few stray boards in the line-up, wear a leg rope in respect of your fellow surfers. A cracking start to the winter wave season.

The Noosa World Surfing Reserve committee are working hard behind the scenes and will make a major announcement for new concept for a Noosa based Surfing Competition in the coming weeks.

Noosa Board Riders Club Committee are in discussions on opening up the competition season again. It’s a way off yet, however keep up to date on NBC social media as the situation is changing quickly. Once Surfing Qld gets the nod it will be on.

It was a blast to see a couple of knee boarders out last week, did you know old kneeboards are extremely valuable as a vintage collector’s item. Here’s a shot of the late Ian Cameron shredding National Park, cyclone Gloria Feb 1975.

The ocean temperature is dropping still around the 23-24 degrees with a chilly wind time to pull out the wetty and “Get in, Get Out, Go Home”. All the best Mick.

Good Surfing!

Photo Credit: Gary Clist