Noosa World Surfing Reserve

Noosa Shire Surf Code

Wunya, welcome to the Noosa Community!

In 2020 Noosa became the 10th World Surfing Reserve. It was selected for its perfect waves and decades of best practice in coastal management and environmental protection, that has resulted in its reputation as one of the surfing’s natural wonders. It doesn’t get much better, with 5 world-class right-hand point breaks in a row and rare sunny Northeast facing beaches. Add to this the backdrop of the stunning Noosa National Park and its majestic environs.

The Noosa World Surfing Reserve Surf Code promotes sharing, safety and respect for all that use the reserve and the wider Noosa Shire beaches and ocean. Each Noosa surf sports community has its own surf code of conduct. We ask that when you visit our wonderful home breaks you follow the NWSR Oath along with all our community surf codes and share it with others.

The Noosa World Surfing Reserve Oath:

I will Respect my own and all other surfing codes

I will Share the stoke with everyone

I will Respect those who have come before me

I will Preserve and respect the ocean

Every session I commit to:

No Drop ins or snaking.

No loose boards in the line-up.

No rubbish, leave only footprints in the sand.

Thank you to the Noosa Surfing Community Alliance (NSCA) for their dedication in developing the overarching NWSR Oath and their individual surf sports codes. Working with the Noosa World Surfing Reserve stewardship council ,this community-based committee represents all surf sports disciplines who share and enjoy our wonderful World Surfing Reserve and the pristine beaches and ocean of the wider Noosa Shire.