Noosa World Surfing Reserve initiative surfers rescue course

Noosa World Surfing Reserve initiative surfers rescue course

Surfers Rescue In Nsw

The Noosa Heads Surf Club gold partnership with Noosa World Surfing Reserve was only signed off on a few days ago and already it’s paying dividends for both parties.

The first of our collaborative Surfers Rescue pilot programs with Noosa Malibu Club members is on Saturday, December 14th surfers are invited to attend the four-hour course in CPR, first aid and board rescue under the instruction of the surf club’s community training boss Jonno Donelly, assisted by Noosa SLSC boardriding captain Jack Lewis and Noosa World Surfing Reserve’s Chris Doney.

But the Surfers Rescue program is not just aimed at juniors and club members. Says NWSR president Phil Jarratt: “Noosa has one of the broadest demographics of surfboard riders in Australia, if not the world! It’s great to see so many senior citizens still enjoying their surfing alongside their kids, and even their grandkids, but the sad reality is that as we get older, we get more accident-prone. Hopefully, through our program, whenever the points are pumping there will be at least a few people in the lineup who are trained and ready to assist in the event of an emergency.”

NWSR committeeman Chris Doney, who is also a veteran lifesaver and instructor, adds: “The bottom line is that if you stop breathing on average you’ve got four minutes for some one to save you, and that’s just not enough time to reach you from the surf club if you’re surfing the outer bays or the river mouth, so as boardriders we owe it to ourselves and our surfing mates to know what to do to save a life.”

If you’re interested in attending one of our free Surfers Rescue programs for seniors, visit and leave a message on the Contact tab.

Surf Club Handover

Partners wanted

As the Noosa World Surfing Reserve approaches its dedication next February, there is still time to get on board as a Gold Partner and identify your business with the healthy lifestyle of surfing. The NWSR is offering partnering opportunities to a strictly limited number of corporate entities. For further information email


A Surfers Rescue session in Sydney. Photo Surfing NSW.

Surf club partnership sealed. L to r: Supporters Club manager Anton Mogg, NWSR president Phil Jarratt and Noosa SLSC president Ross Fisher.