President’s Summer Wrap (in April)

1The Noosa World Surfing Reserve enjoyed a very busy and productive summer, before going into lockdown due to Covid-19. Our local stewardship council continues to work behind the scenes on fundraising initiatives and future plans, including our ongoing involvement with Noosa Shire Council, the Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve and other stakeholders in framing the proposed protective legislation for World Surfing Reserves in Queensland.
So, while we’re being quietly industrious, here’s a recap on what we’ve achieved over recent times:
• The dedication of the Noosa World Surfing Reserve in February was a tremendous success in every way, with new levels of community engagement and a much greater understanding across the beach-going community of what we are all about. Dedication week also provided us with an unprecedented opportunity to learn from and share ideas with the Save The Waves Coalition and with the Founders’ Circle representatives. I learnt a lot from my time spent with our visitors, as I’m sure most of us did, and as we go forward as a World Surfing Reserve, it was wonderful to get a true sense of family from the experience. 
• The Noosa Festival of Surfing (as it turned out the last event in Noosa for many months) battled against the elements all week with not a single heat (except for the dogs) being run at First Point HQ, which of course impacted on the few stallholders at the point, ourselves included. However, our collaboration with Chad and team from Plastic Free Noosa was highly successful in terms of public awareness and relatively lucrative in terms of merchandise sales. 
• The Global Wave Conference in early February was a success on many levels, not least of which was the Queensland Government’s surprise announcement of potential protective legislation designed to provide a new layer of protection for World Surfing Reserves. Subsequently, Noosa Council CEO Brett De Chastel and I were invited to attend a stakeholders meeting on the Gold Coast in early March. I was unable to attend but Brett presented on our behalf, and read into the minutes a written statement of support from me on behalf of NWSR. Mick, Javier (who was one of the presenters) and I agreed that the Conference was well worthwhile. 
So here we are in lockdown for some time still to come, but with the curve definitely flattening, Meanwhile, let’s continue to enjoy our surfing, and GET IN, GET OUT, GO HOME!