Shout Out to Noosa Council

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Your chance of surviving a snake bite, stroke or drowning in Noosa has increased slightly since the Noosa Council Community Development team gave local volunteers the opportunity to brush up on their First Aid and CPR last April. 

Two NWSR stewards, Di and myself, jumped at the chance to join other volunteers from organisations as diverse as Sunshine Butterflies and the Kin Kin Rural Fire Brigade for this day of learning. We were taken through the hoops at the Coast Guard Noosa headquarters by Coast Guard volunteer Jon Symmonds from ‘Know What To Do’. The course was presented in an easily understood and digestible format with a sprinkling of humour to lighten what can be serious and confronting subject matter. 


Although Covid-19 restrictions prevented us from practicing our bandaging skills on each other, we had plenty of practice on ourselves and on the uncomplaining mannequins. We were given insights on the treatment of choking, bleeding injuries, heat stroke, bites & stings, burns, anaphylaxis and many other possible First Aid situations. 

Several very recent cases of stroke and heart attack within Noosa National Park and the Surfing Reserve have highlighted how vital immediate First Aid assistance can be. The defibrillator that Noosa World Surfing Reserve, in partnership with BCR Medical and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, installed at the Info Hut near the Mitti Street entrance to Noosa National Park has already been rushed to an emergency in the Park and we are now pushing ahead with installation of other AED machines at key locations around the outer points. 


There was so much significant knowledge gained during this complimentary course, but my main take-away is the importance of the Chain of Survival in increasing the successful resuscitation of a victim:

1. Call 000,

2. Early CPR,

3. Early AED (Automated External Defibrillation),

4. Early Advanced Care.

Although I hope I never have to use it, I am confident that I am now armed with the knowledge to assist someone in trouble or at least give it my best shot to hand them their best chance of survival.

Words by Libby Winter