Noosa Shire Surf Code

Stand Up Paddle Board Code

Be fully aware of the size and weight of your craft & the impact this would have on others in the water if not properly controlled.

Be consciously aware of others both in and on the water-

An awareness of

your ability to manage & manoeuvre your craft , at all times keeping at a safe distance from others & always try to anticipate the unforeseen

if a competent user, keep a large loop in mind so as to not over use a small surfing area & giving plenty of opportunities for other craft users .

Standard right of way , leash use, drop in etc to be adhered to as with all craft users

only enter the water if you are confident in the conditions….If in doubt about your ability to manage , please do not go out.

Paddle wide to very wide wherever possible & communicate your intention to others within proximity.

Most of all, respect others