Noosa World Surfing Reserve


With the assistance of academics of the University of the Sunshine Coast, NWSR aims to make a convincing case of the value of our surfing assets and the benefits they bring to the entire community. While many people who don’t surf already appreciate the intrinsic value of our surf breaks, they may not understand the direct economic benefits that flow from keeping them among the world’s best.

Students will have the opportunity to study the science of surfing, including wave characteristics and tourism benefits, in a new geography subject being offered at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Using technology such as drones and GPS devices, students of Special Field Studies Topic (Geography of Surfing) will measure waves along the iconic Noosa point breaks that have been recognised as a World Surfing Reserve.

They will also conduct surveys to collect “surfonomics” information, including where surfers are coming from and how much money they spend locally, which will be used to help local businesses better understand the economic benefits of surfing. Noosa World Surfing Reserve is excited to be supporting this project.