Mick’s Weekly Surf Report 28/02/20

Noosa the producer! The east swell and S winds persisted throughout the week pushing 2-4ft walls through Granite and Ti-Tree Bay. National smaller at around 2ft and First Point a low tide only option. The sand bank at First Point feels like it’s been out of action since August last year. It is working its way down the point a bit more to go to fill the hole in front of the Surf Club. Its crowded out there so be careful. Sunshine has had a couple mornings with 3-4ft peaks cleaner with the early semi offshore wind on it. Plenty of gutters forming through the mid to high tide.

Today might be struggle with the dropping east swell and ESE winds, 2ft points on low tide will be the pick, hit it a daybreak or an arvo session from around 2pm. The weekend outlook is much the same with the winds up to around 14 knots which will make Sunshine a washy option . Alex Bay has a bank in the Southern Corner short rolling left and a bit of a right, wind affected but might be Ok for a slightly bigger schralp. Luckily the swell is set to continue from the east early next week filtering small lines into the bays still surf able at a semi clean 1-2ft for the back end of the week . The Noosa Festival of Surfing will have finished opening up the bank at access 11 spit side, 2ft lefts and rights with easy parking! UTB has an interesting bank forming and could be on later in the week with winds predicted to slide around to the south east and a bump in swell to the 2-3ft mark. It won’t need to be big to be good.

The World Surf League event finished mid-week in conditions that really needed some surf savvy. A highlight was Noosa Mal Clubs Emily Lethbridge’s semi- final finish. Her “Hang Tens in super difficult waves were up there with the best. She really is world class! Joel Tudor at 43 took out the men’s pro event he read the conditions perfectly making it look much better than it was. It comes back to style, from his stance to the way he weights and unweights his turns. Surfing style seems to be more homogenized these days, it was easy to pick him out of the pack. Noosa Boardriders Club , Junior round 2 is on this Sunday register on live heats to be in the game.

The Noosa World Surfing Reserve was officially dedicated last Friday as the 10th world surfing reserve. The work is ongoing if you are interested in a Noosa surf management plan from parking to beach parks to the beach to the wave zone or would like to get involved head on over to the NWSR web site www.noosaworldsurfingreserve.com.au and flick an email to the committee. SHARE. RESPECT. PRESERVE.

There’s plenty of waves share them around and look after your mates in the water, play it safe.

Good Surfing,

Mick Court